The Bläck Fööss play on 12 May 2021 in the Kulturkirche Cologne.

The Black Fööss belong to Cologne just like the cathedral and the Kulturkirche. Of course, you shouldn’t forget a good Kölsch. Next year, the Bläck Fööss will again play one of their many concerts in the Kulturkirche Köln and you can look forward to a great show in the 51st year of their existence. Due to the Corona crisis the planned concert had to be postponed to next year and we all hope that we will then have the crisis under control and all artists will be able to return to their professions.

The Black Fööss are looking ahead positively and will give their all on 12.05.2021 in the Kulturkirche.
True to the motto: Wenn et jöck … dann weed et Zick …

Bläck Fööss in der Kulturkirche Köln

Bläck Fööss

Cologne Culture Church

price: 37,20€

The price includes VVK