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Vera Klima Culture Church

Vera Klima

Wednesday – 27.10.2021

Purple Schulz Culture Church

Purple Schulz


Friday – 24.09.2021

Ganes Culture Church

Thursday – 24.11.2021

Jan Plewka Culture Church

Wednesday – 28.04.2021

Klüngelköpp Culture Church


Wednesday​ – 08.12.2021

Marc Broussard Culture Church

Friday – 16.09.2022

Köster & Hocker at the Kulturkirche Cologne

Friday – 05.11.2021

Kieran Goss Culture Church

Friday – 14.05.2021

Colourful diversity in the Culture Church Cologne

For many years, the Kulturkirche in Cologne Nippes has stood for an innovative, varied and high-quality cultural programme. In recent years, the Protestant Kulturkirche Köln has gained an excellent reputation far beyond the city limits of Cologne through numerous concerts, readings, cabaret events and many events in the fields of film and art. In addition, the Kulturkirche Köln organises workshops and serves as a meeting place for young and old. The Kulturkirche Köln Nippes for concerts and events of all kinds.

History of the Kulturkirche Köln

The history of the Kulturkirche Köln began with its construction in 1889 in the Cologne district of Nippes. Since then, it has served as a contact point for the Protestant parishioners in Cologne and has one of the most beautiful interiors of all Protestant churches in the city. The construction of the Lutherkirche was financed at the time from a fund which promoted the building of other Lutheran churches and was additionally supported by the efforts of numerous people.


As the Protestant church of the Cologne Nippes congregation, the church services are still held every Sunday, and visitors appreciate the unique atmosphere and positive energy of the Lutherkirche. As a result, the church has become a favourite venue for many of the city’s believers. Some of the visitors have made the Lutherkirche an unusual venue for cultural events, which has opened up many new opportunities.


This was the birth of a new venue for events of all kinds, and through good management it was constantly evolving. Apart from religious events, which still form the heart of the church, concerts, cabaret, readings, theatre events and many other events with a high-quality programme and renowned artists have established themselves. The fine arts and other artistic branches have also earned a place in the programme of the Kulturkirche Köln.

The facilities of the Kulturkirche Köln

Just like the programme of the Kulturkirche Köln, the technical equipment has also developed. In the meantime, the event location in Cologne Nippes has technical equipment that leaves almost no wish unfulfilled. This enables the artists to perfectly stage their entire skills and has also greatly enhanced the reputation of the Kulturkirche Köln in the art scene. In addition to official events, the Kulturkirche Köln also serves as a backdrop for film and television productions, press conferences and as a venue for corporate events.

Since 2002, the Kulturkirche Köln has been used as a venue for concerts, cabaret evenings, readings and as a presentation venue for visual arts. In addition to renowned artists from the Cologne artist scene, top-class artists from the national and international music and artist scene have also performed here. As a cooperation partner of lit.Cologne, phil.Cologne, WDR and 1Live, the Kulturkirche Köln offers an important artistic centre of the cathedral city. The proceeds from the events are donated to the congregational work of the Protestant Church in Cologne.

Artists such as Brings, Franz Ferdinand, Ed Sheeran, Bob Geldorf, Ten Years After are just a few of the many artists who have given the Kulturkirche Köln unforgettable evenings. Gerd Köster and Frank Hocker, Kobe’s Underground and Morgan Hammond’s gospel courses are almost a must for Cologne residents and visitors from all over Germany.

Day of legends

Ton Steine Scherben

Due to the Corona crisis the concert of Ton Steine Scherben is postponed to 2022. But then they are finally in the Kulturkirche Cologne.

More Highlights

2021 will be Top

Here you can find more highlights for the year 2021.


Thursday – 10.06.2021

Köbes Underground

Tuesday – 31.08.2021

Bläck Fööss

Wednesday – 12.05.2021

Pulsar Trio

Friday – 03.09.2021

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