Gerd Köster and Frank Hocker present their songs from the new album and play on 05.11.2021 in the Kulturkirche Cologne.

Köster & Hocker at the Kulturkirche Cologne – 05.11.2021

Gerd Köster & Frank Hocker stand for handmade music that is infused with real joy of playing. Both will present the new album “Fremde Feddere” on the now ninth “Wupp” tour and interpret the long established repertoire of their favourite artists in their own way. The Kulturkirche Köln is looking forward to the concert by Gerd Köster & Frank Hocker on 5 November 2021 and wishes all concert visitors a great evening.

Gerd Köster and Frank Hocker Cultural Church Cologne

Gerd Köster and Frank Hocker

Cologne Culture Church

price: 33,70€

The price includes VVK