Trinitatiskirche Promise of Living

The Promise of Living​

Sunday, 07.11.2021, 5 p.m

Georg Friedrich Händel – Saul, Oratorium für Soli, Chor und Orchester

Georg Friedrich Händel

Wednesday, 29.12.2021, 6 p.m.

Gürzenich Chor Irish Evening

Irish Evening

Sunday, 15.05.2022, 6.00 pm

Gürzenich Choir Cologne of 1827

The Gürzenich Choir will perform in Cologne in the 4th quarter of 2021. We will provide the dates shortly.

The Gürzenich Choir has written a long and successful history in Cologne that is far from over. The then Cathedral Kapellmeister Carl Leibl founded the choir, then called the Concertgesellschaft zu Cöln, in 1827. From then on, the choir established itself in the cultural scene in Cologne. The history of the Gürzenich Choir is associated with numerous performances in Cologne’s Gürzenich Festival Hall, which was built by the patrician family of Gürzenich in the 15th century. The Gürzenich hall was built in the late Gothic style and later used for numerous banquets and receptions.

Guest performances by renowned composers

Over the years, the Gürzenich Choir developed the widely known Gürzenich Concerts, which are now performed in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall. The long history of the Gürzenich Choir also includes numerous guest appearances by some of the most important composers of their time. These include Johannes Brahms, Guiseppe Verdi, Richard Strauss, Edvard Grieg and Max Bruch, who performed their own compositions as conductors.

This makes the Gürzenich Choir the oldest concert choir in the cathedral city of Cologne, and even today its performances fascinate thousands of visitors from all regions of the country. Even today, the choir consists exclusively of amateurs who regularly perform many important works out of a passion. The director of the Gürzenich Choir since 2011 has been Christian Jeub, who took over from Michael Reif.

Friends of the Gürzenich Choir

Also important for the future of the Gürzenich Choir is the Friends Association, founded in 2012, which aims to carry the choir’s long tradition into the future. The association is chaired by Prof. Dr. Barbara Schock-Werner. The honorary support association takes care of financial means for the further development of the choir members and many useful things around the performances of the Gürzenich Chor von 1827.

Gürzenich Chor Köln von 1827
Conductor Christian Jeub