Bläck Fööss

Bläck Fööss in der Kulturkriche Köln


Klüngelköpp in der Kulturkirche

Köbes Underground

Köbes Underground in der Kulturkirche Köln

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We will offer you numerous high-quality events from music, culture and literature on our online platform. At KVS Tickets you can book concert tickets, tickets for readings and other events conveniently online. Our partners are small and medium-sized organisers from all areas of cultural life. We are currently working on our programme, as almost all events have been cancelled or postponed due to the Corona crisis.

Vera Klima Culture Church

Vera Klima

Wednesday – 27.10.2021

Purple Schulz Culture Church

Purple Schulz

Friday 24.09.2021

Ganes Culture Church

Thursday – 24.11.2021

Jan Plewka Culture Church

Wednesday – 28.04.2021

Klüngelköpp Culture Church


Wednesday – 08.12.2021

Marc Broussard Culture Church

Thursday – 07.10.2021

Bläck Fööss Culture Church

Wednesday – 12.05.2021

Kieran Goss  Culture Church

Friday – 14.05.2021

Soulcats Culture Church


Thursday – 10.06.2021


The Accordion Festival 2021 is cancelled.

Freitag, dem 05.11.2021

Frank Goosen Culture Church

Mittwoch, den 05.05.2021

Quadro Nuevo

Freitag, den 29.10.2021

Köbes Underground Culture Church

Dienstag, den 31.08.2021

Berge Culture Church

Donnerstag, den 13.01.2022

Montag, den 10.05.2021

Day of legends

Ton Steine Scherben

Due to the Corona crisis the concert of Ton Steine Scherben is postponed to 2022. But then they are finally in the Kulturkirche Cologne.

Further highlights

2021 becomes top

Here you will find further highlights for the year 2021.


Thursday 10.06.2021

Köbes Underground

Tuesday 31.08.2021

Bläck Fööss

Friday 12.05.2021

Kieran Goss & Anna  Kinsella

Friday 14.05.2021

Pulsar Trio

Friday 03.09.2021

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