Pulsar Trio plays live in the Culture Church Cologne – 03.09.2021

With their third album “Zoo of Songs”, the three musicians once again open up completely new musical spheres – contemplative, electronic, rhythmically cunning, energetic and in rich timbres, the trio presents itself as outstandingly mature and with that trenchant free spirit that makes it so unmistakable.

Pulsar Trio – Culture Church Cologne – 03.09.2021

Since 2007 the experimental Pulsar Trio has been playing on stages all over Germany, delighting their audiences with their musical skills and improvisational talent. The trio, consisting of Matyas Wolter on sitar and surbahar, as percussionist Aaron Christ and Beate Wein on grand piano and synthesizer, inspires audiences and press alike. With their aesthetic sound and the pure joy of making music, they earned much applause and in 2014 the Global Music Contest CREOLE Award. On 03.09.2021, the Pulsar Trio plays live at the Cultural Church in Cologne and will certainly bring their broad musical spectrum to the stage here as well.

Pulsar Trio Cultural Church Cologne

Pulsar Trio Cultural Church Cologne

Cultural Church Cologne

Price: 20,00€ + VVK

Date: 03.09.2021

Time: 20:00 Uhr

Entry: 19:00 Uhr