Soulcats – Cologne Culture Church

Friday 10.06.2022 at the Cologne Culture Church

Soulcats – Kulturkirche Köln – Friday 10.06.2022 at the Culture Church Cologne

When someone goes on a journey, he can tell a story. That’s what they say in the vernacular! The Soulcats go on a journey almost all the time: On musical journeys through time! Funk, soul, dancefloor and jazz are part of the repertoire of the Cologne-based perennial favourites, which immediately puts every concert visitor in a good mood. On Thursday 10.06.2022 the Soulcats will play in the Kulturkirche Cologne and will once again bring the whole package of their skills on stage. So if you have no plans for 10 June 2022, then come by the Kulturkirche Köln. It will be worth it!

Soulcats Kulturkirche Cologne

Soulcats Cologne Culture Church

Cologne Culture Church

Price: 27,00€ + VVK

Date: 10.06.2022

Time: 20:00 Uhr

Entry: 19:00 Uhr