Wolf Maahn Cultural Church Cologne

Wolf Maahn in the Kulturkirche Cologne on 28.01.2022. Get your tickets for January 2022 directly from us online.

Wolf Maahn has been an integral part of the German rock scene for decades. His new tour “Under a big sky” unfortunately had to be postponed to the year 2022. The new album Break out of Babylon deals with the important topic of climate protection and what everybody can do for climate protection. On 28.01.2022 Wolf Maahn will perform at the Kulturkirche Cologne and present his new and old hits from his rich repertoire. Concert tickets for the concert in the Kulturkirche can be purchased online here.

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Wolf Maahn Cultural Church Cologne

Wolf Maahn Cultural Church Cologne

Cultural Church Cologne

Price: 26,00€ + VVK

Date: 28.01.2022

Time: 20:00 Uhr

Entry: 19:00 Uhr