Rheinbach Leisure Park

Theatron im Freizeitpark Rheinbach

Suzanne von Borsody, zu Besuch im Theatron Rheinbach

Suzanne von Borsody & Trio Azul

Saturday 31.07.2021

Trio Flow Ra

Trio “Flow-Ra”

Sunday, the 01.08.2021

Matinee mit dem Ensemble Fidelia Wormersdorf

Sunday, the 01.08.2021

Theatron at Rheinbach Leisure Park

The Theatron in Rheinbach Leisure Park is finally attracting visitors again this summer with numerous cultural events, sporting events and fun for all ages. The Theatron and the amphitheatre are located in the Rheinbach Leisure Park and is one of the few natural stages in NRW that has been in existence for 40 years. Space has been created for 500-600 spectators. Set in the middle of nature in a mountain – with 5 steps each 1.20 deep and 60 cm high…. Finally in 2019, this wonderful natural stage was awakened from its slumber by the Rampenwutz association. Since then, the Rheinbacher Theatersommer has been held every year. A new cultural venue for Rheinbach is created. In 2021, the LaborPhasen with literature, music, panel discussions, theatre readings additionally complement this wonderful theatre format. Every spring, the city of Rheinbach spruces up this special theatre.