Suzanne von Borsody & Trio Azul

Suzanne von Borsody reads Frida Kahlo and is accompanied by the South American music – Trio Azul

With her unmistakable soft and rough voice, the great actress Suzanne von Borsody, in harmony with the music of the Ensemble AZUL, gives the „myth of Kahlo“ a new, unadulterated dimension. In letters, poems and diary entries, she lets the great painter, Frida Kahlo, have her say. These are intimate, open-hearted confessions that bear witness to great humour and irrepressible joie de vivre, but also to inner conflict. Frida Kahlo tells her story with „her heart on her tongue“. And the extreme freedom of her language is the first step towards unconditional sincerity. The result is a passionate, exciting musical-literary portrait. Together with Anibal Civilotti (Argentina) and Omar Plasencia (Venezuela), the trio „AZUL“ forms the musical part together with the pictures and letters of Frida Kahlo. „…Here the famous Mexican painter herself has her say. And only her. And the imaginative testimonies of an extraordinary life are a delight – not only for Frida Kahlo fans…“

Suzanne von Borsody, zu Besuch im Theatron Rheinbach

Suzanne von Borsody & Trio Azul

Leisure Park Rheinbach

Price: 29,00€ including all advance booking fees

Reduced pupils/students: 15,00

Date: Saturday, 31.07.2021

Time: 20:00 h

Admission: 19:00