Thelma & Louise Dana Golombek & Patricia Schäfer

SCENIC READING WITH DANA GOLOMBEK & PATRICIA SCHÄFER in a free adaptation of the film of the same name with music by The Boss Hoss

Thelma & Louise. Who doesn’t know them? The two heroines from the Oscar-winning road movie of the same name from 1991. Immediately you see them racing through the Midwest of the USA in their green Thunderbird on the run from the police, until finally there is only one way out …
Dana Golombek von Senden and Patricia Schäfer are Thelma & Louise.

The two well-known actresses, whom a wide audience last saw as best friends in the series “Red Roses”, have adapted the cinema film for the stage. They read and play the women full of devotion, passion and daring. Look forward to a staged reading of the master class with music by BOSS HOSS.

This exciting evening of theatre will take you on an emotional journey without speed limits! Dana Golombek von Senden played alongside Anthony Hopkins and Isabella Rossellini in the feature film “… und der Himmel steht still” (1992) at the beginning of her career. Numerous TV films followed, such as “Neue Adresse Paradies” or “Traumschiff Hawaii”, the 6-part series “Allein unter…” and many popular series, such as “Die Camper”, “Ladykracher”, “Kinder Kinder”, “Soko Köln” and classics like “Tatort Konstanz” and “Polizeiruf Schwerin”. Patricia Schäfer studied acting at the Otto-Falckenberg School in Munich. She already had engagements at the theatre during her studies. After her first permanent engagement at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden, she also began working for television. She is known to a wide audience from series such as “Alphateam”, “Verbotene Liebe” or most recently as the leading actress in the telenovela “Rote Rosen”.

Thelma & Louis zum Abschluss: Mit Dana Golombek & Patricia Schäfer

Dana Golombek & Patricia Schäfer

Leisure Park Rheinbach

Stage Parkplätzchen

Price: 15,00€ incl. all fees

Reduced pupils/students: 7,00€ incl. all fees

Date: Sunday, 01.08.2021

Time: 20:00 h

Admission: 19:00