Das Trio Flow-Ra

The trio “Flow-Ra” makes music under the motto “Classical Sounds with Flora and Fauna”.

An afternoon with the award-winning ensemble FlowRa – the nature lover and counterpoint to Ludwig van Beethoven – there will be an invitation to experiment: Polygraph technology from the 1930s serves as a basis and is placed in a new context by expanding it with musical algorithms. The direct artistic inclusion of the plant world thus made possible opens up a highly topical perspective on perception and our interaction with nature. Orchestrated With the help of specially developed sensors, the naturally existing electrical impulses of connected plants on the computer, makes these signals audible.

Nature Lover
Beethoven – The Nature Friend:
The explicit focus on nature through the multi-layered integration of the surrounding plants, illuminates Beethoven’s music from a completely new perspective. From sound excerpts of large orchestral works to small minimalist sound scenes, the breadth of his compositions is presented.

For this purpose, Kurt Holzkämper and Sebastian Netta have brought on board a very special artist and border crosser between classical and improvised music: the award-winning pianist and keyboardist Hans Wanning (among others, European Jazz Contest Brussels, collaborations with the Modern String Quartet) Wanning already presented a programme on the “shrill Eroica” at the Beethovenfest 2016 in Bonn together with the famous musicologist Martin Geck.

Trio Flow Ra im Freizeitpark Rheinbach

Das Trio Flow-Ra

Leisure Park Rheinbach

Price: 10,00€ including all fees

Reduced pupils/students: 5,00€ including all fees

Date: Sunday, 01.08.2021

Time: 18:00 h

Admission: 17:00 h